insurance repairs

Mikat has experience in all types of emergency events and losses including damage caused by storms, floods, fires, cyclones and hail. Our clients trust us with their family homes, office buildings, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, and more. As a full-service construction company, we can provide you complete end-to-end building repair solutions to protect your assets quickly and safely. 

When you call the team at Mikat for help, we’ll be able to guide you through the insurance repairs process on the ground from start to finish. Our team can quickly and safely secure your property to prevent further loss, coordinate any relevant assessments and reports for insurance claims, undertake clean-up and demolition works. We can then undertake design, engineering, planning and approvals for the rectification or rebuilding works necessary to get you back on your feet. 

Our team is known for delivering high quality construction outcomes. As a family-owned builder, we have built an excellent reputation for ensuring all works are carried out to the highest standards. 

Stormseal Installers

Stormseal is a lightweight but strong polymer film that heat-shrinks to cover a damaged structure. This award-winning, Australian innovation saves insurers tens of millions of dollars and has been used to protect thousands of storm-damaged properties in Australia and around the world.


Unlike tarps, Stormseal goes on once and stays put, resisting wind, rain and hail and protecting your premises until permanent repairs are made.

The patented shrinking resins in the film wrap tightly to any roofline or damaged structure, requiring no ropes or sandbags. Heat application increases the strength of the film and creates a snug fit, without damaging any underlying materials.


✓ 100% Watertight 

✓ Resistant to further storms including hail and winds up to 160km/h 

✓ 12 months or more of protection 

✓ Stormseal can last over a year, giving you peace of mind until final repairs are made 


  • Our Team have been trained to complete a damage report on arrival at the worksite and are 100% accredited installers. 
  • Stormseal film is cut and tailored on-site to fit the damaged structure. 
  • Because Stormseal is much lighter than tarpaulins and requires no sandbags or ropes, it is removed easier and faster. 
  • Attachment occurs at the perimeter of the damaged area, so installers spend less time on the roof, reducing risk and cost. 
  • Heat-shrinking increases the strength of the Stormseal film and fits it snugly to the structure, without harming underlying materials. 
  • Stormseal can be easily removed and reapplied for roof inspections when needed. 


How does the cost of Stormseal compare to tarpaulins? 

Stormseal is far more cost-effective than tarps. Tarps are cheaper to procure but they multiply claims costs manifold by causing further property damage when they frequently flap, tear, leak, collapse or flyaway. Labour costs are also greater for tarps because they require repeated replacement – 4 to 5 times on average, and up to 13 times – during the months it takes to process a damage claim. 

Another cost of tarpaulins is loss of customer goodwill. Customers are traumatised as their home suffers further weather damage and the noise of flapping tarps keeps them awake at night. They experience extreme frustration when they have to telephone their insurer repeatedly to ask for failed tarps to be replaced. In contrast, Stormseal customers are very satisfied because they experience minimal disruption to their lives and have peace of mind knowing their home is secure. 


Premium Quality Formwork

Dincel Construction System consists of polymer permanent formwork infilled with concrete. Dincel products offer a variety of solutions in the Green Star topics that are set by The Australia Green Building Council (GBCA). 

One solution for all your internal & external wall needs. 


✓ Fire tested and NCC compliant 

✓ Waterproof 

✓ Easy install connections 

✓ Acoustic tested 

✓ AS3600 compliant 

✓ Termite, rot & mildew proof 

✓ Light weight panels 

✓ Crack control steel reinforcement not required 


Dincel Structural Walling can be used in a wide range of different applications including: 

The use and application of AFS permanent formwork is compliant with all relevant National Construction Code (NCC), Standards and local authorities having jurisdiction requirements such as, but not limited to structural adequacy, acoustic, fire resistance /combustibility, thermal, and weather tightness provisions. 

AFS logicwall® is suitable as a tough, low-maintenance load-bearing solution for building subterranean structures such as basements and retention tanks, it can also be utilised for overhead applications such as party walls, columns and retaining walls, which makes it a truly versatile solution. 

The panels are delivered with shop-drawn accuracy and featuring corresponding labels for easy installation. They are load bearing but lightweight enough to enable manual installation. Logicwall® panels provide reliably flat, true surfaces to help deliver high quality finishes. 


✓ Speed of construction 

✓ Solid concrete wall 

✓ Load bearing structure 

✓ Acoustic performance 

✓ High quality finish 

✓ Reduced structural footprint 

✓ AS3600 compliant 

✓ Ease of materials handling – non crane dependent 

✓ Panels delivered with shop drawn accuracy 

✓ Fire performance 

✓ Significant waste reduction 

✓ CodeMark certified, compliance assured

The benefits of afs rediwall® begin at delivery: arriving cut-to-size or in stock lengths. Easily handled, its innovative panels readily snap or slide into place, making for rapid installation and core-filling—in almost endless applications. 

The resulting semi-gloss finish provides a low maintenance surface, with the option for further finishing as specified. 



✓ Speed of construction 

✓ Ezy-Fit™ corner panels slide open for access 

✓ Load bearing structure 

✓ Speedy Snap-In panels lock together instantly™ 

✓ Water resistant 

✓ Fire performance 

✓ Above and below ground versatility 

✓ AS3600 compliant 

✓ Ease of materials handling 

✓ Lightweight, durable system 

✓ Significant waste reduction 

✓ CodeMark certified, compliance assured